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So you think you might want to work with me?  That’s awesome news!    Showing up and doing the legal parts of a ceremony are what I do,  but that isn’t what you are really paying for.  So, what does it cost?

It is my personality, my ability to put you and your guests at ease and the way that I weave your wedding story into something that’s just yours.  As a celebrant, my aim is for you and your guests to walk away from your ceremony with their smiles wide and their hearts filled with the warmness that only comes from a cracker of a wedding.

At the end of your ceremony you won’t remember what was said.  What you will remember is how you felt.  And that’s what your guests will remember too.  They will remember the warm fuzzies, the smiles and the giggles and hopefully the all out laughter that reminds them of you.  That’s what I really bring to your wedding… the warm fuzzies.

A Wedding… $900

A wedding is a big deal and when it comes to expensive things in your life this one tops the list.  So getting it right is a big deal. For a full list of inclusions in the full shebang send me an email and I’ll send it through. No matter the cost of a celebrant, we all make you legally married,  but getting the tone for your day right is priceless!

A Naming Ceremony … $500 (Price correct for 2020)

A naming ceremony is an old school name for something that is far from old school.  It doesn’t have to be the naming of a baby. A naming ceremony is an affirmation ceremony for who you are.  Baby, newly out, self-named, transitioning, intentional declaring of separation – whatever change your life has made, celebrate its coming into the world with a coming out party that’s huge.

For a full list of details for all services, including legals only elopements, commitment ceremonies or a renewal of vows, get in touch!  I’ll work something out for you and get back to you asap!

Travel Costs

Travel is included in the Brisbane Metropolitan Area.  Travel is charged out of a 75km radius from home.  For every kilometre outside of this radius, please allow an extra $1 a kilometre.  Rates are calculated from my home to venue on Google Maps.

Seen enough? Get in touch!

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