The Basics

So you’re getting married and you want to know what you get for your buck? Here it is, the short version.

For a basic $450 ceremony I will…

  • Meet with you to work out what you want and what you like before your wedding (You can show me your pinterest board!)
  • Come to the rehearsal with you
  • Bring my very small PA system that hopefully will be helpful
  • Fill in your NOIM with you (NOIM – Notice of Intention to Marry – paperwork to be filled in at least one month before your ceremony)
  • Write your ceremony specifically about you and your partner – I’ll send it to you before your wedding so that you can mark it all over with red pen
  • Perform your ceremony on the day
  • Do my best to entertain you and your guests on your day
  • Put my best handwriting on your wedding certificate
  • Handle your paperwork for the day and even post it to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages so it’s all legal

What do you need to do?

  • Show up for your meetings and your ceremony
  • Find your birth certificates or passports and other forms you might need to prove who you are
  • Organise your change of name forms (if that’s what you are into)

The Small Print…

  • If you’re having a wedding miles from anywhere but it’s really, really beautiful there may be some travel costs involved
  • There are some words I have to say in your ceremony if you want it to be legal, even if you don’t like them 🙁

There is probably something really obvious that I’ve forgotten and if there is just let me know and I’ll fix it.  Happy Wedding Planning y’all.


PS:  This is Anna and Rob – as much fun as you can have with a microphone!  Congrats guys, loving you both sick.

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