Boonah Bonding

I’ve said it before but I can’t say it enough. Being part of a someone’s day is a privilege like no other and being a part of that day with someone you love is a topper on an already amazing rainbow layer cake. 

In early August the trek to Boonah was one of love and friendship. Megan and Chris have been a part of my life for over eight years and on the 8 August I did all that I could to help them start their life together.   

The ceremony was one filled with laughter, patterned socks and stories of a life about to begin.  And like all good parties, the night ended with dancing with friends and a bacon and egg sandwich. Love and friendship really doesn’t get much better. 😊

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Henderson. You really are a most spectacular couple.   

 Mr and Mrs Henderson

 The fanciest (and the loudest) table of the night. ‘Ssshhh and eat your dessert’ he said. 😳

Grown-up mode  


The fanciest of red carpets.

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