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When you are writing your guest list we all know that there is an A list and a B list. The A list are the non-negotiables. The people in your life that you have to invite to a wedding. Regardless if that list is filled with heart loved must haves or family obligations, the A list is a tough list to write.

The B list is all of those people that you really love spending time with but you’re still trying to decide if you can a) fit them into the venue, b) afford their $120 per head dinner price or c) can make them ‘get along’ with your Aunty Mavis.

Choosing your wedding vendors is pretty much the same. Brides and Grooms Pinterest and google and fall in love with beautiful images of weddings that they can see as their own. As your list of must haves grows, your budget dwindles, quickly, and soon you realise that the wedding in your head, and the one you’ve created on you Pinterest board, is only real in your fading dreams and the wallets of the Kardashians.

The trick is, just like your guest list, find the non-negotiables. Ask your parents, your married friends, people you’ve never met and find out what they remember most about their wedding and here’s the kicker ladies and gents, spend the money on that. Spend the big $$$ on the things that you and the people you love will remember.

The new page on the website is called ‘Peeps that I love.’ I have not used any of them at my own wedding but that’s because I’ve never had one but I would feel pretty good about letting them be part of yours (and hopefully one day mine). These people I have met and I have loved them instantly. They are the kind of people that just make things easy. They were so lovely and friendly and approachable and most importantly they love what they do. And at the end of the day, just like your guest list, you need them to be the people that love being part of the most beautiful moment of your life.

Happy Wedding Planning!!


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