All of the moments…

In all of the moments of a wedding there are a few that are my favourite.  Well, there are lots that are my favourite.  Today I had a wedding in a park in the Main Street of Gatton.  Gatton is a mid sized country town just before Toowoomba.  It’s a little drive but what’s a little road trip in the name of love?


Car trips are exhausting apparently… It’s not very often I get to share this job with my family.  This wedding so close to my forever home that today I had some company for the drive.  Not that my nephew was all that entertaining, but he is cute when he’s sleeping.

Anyway, my favourite part of this wedding was the end.   Now, now, let’s not jump to conclusions people!  I had a great time.  I laughed and smiled and my cheeks ached by the end of the ceremony but today after the ceremony the most amazing thing happened.

Quite a number of guests came to say hello.  So far situation normal, but when these guests came to chat, what they said was just the loveliest thing ever.  Today these guests wanted to say thank you for making this wedding all about their friends Rebecca and Andrew.


I was slightly confused at first, after all that’s what we were there for, how could it not be about them?  But these guests swore everything about what we did today was all about them.  I spent some time with Rebecca and Andrew, they told me exactly what they wanted and in a miracle with the creative writing gods, it seems I got it right today.

I’d love to take the credit but alas, I can’t.  I may have written that ceremony today, but it was my bride and groom that gave me the words.  Listening to their story, sharing parts of their lives and bringing in the people that they love, all I had to do was throw it together.  It was an absolute honour you two.



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