Love in the time of Covid

The pandemic is everywhere.  It’s not news anymore and people have adjusted for such a significantly long time that we have coined the phrase the ‘new normal’.

Sorry peeps, there really wasn’t ever a normal.  There was an everyday and a routine and a habit but things change and that’s the way the world has worked from the beginning.  I am not trying to trivialise the pandemic.  Far from it! But what I’ve learned in the last hundred weddings is that normal wasn’t ever really very fun anyway.

In the time of pandemic and cancelled weddings and #postponedontcancel it’s a great opportunity to remember what’s really important.  Your wedding is important.  Your families and your friends are important.  But when it comes to weddings the most important person involved is you and your favourite human.

Love in the time of Covid has taught us that.  That the people you love, the people who sit on the couch with you, help you do the dishes and take the garbage out because you don’t want to, these are what’s important in all of the times of the world. And Covid has forced us to remember that.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your vendors and your guests but most of all, be kind to your partner. Something they were looking forward to, something big, just like you, has been moved, cancelled, and frought with hard work conversations in the world of uncertain postponements.  It will be ok.  You will get married.  There’s just some extra trash to take out in isolation.  XOXO

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