Spread your happiness! Anyway you can!

Getting married is a big deal.  Strolling with a friend today, sinking in Tenneriffe’s pretentiousness, we stumbled across a wedding.  Walking along the river walk in a Kmart shirt and a Lorna Jane hoodie I only felt part the pretender I actually was but was happy to bask in the same sunshine as the rich and not so famous.

On the boardwalk, in front of the giant metal sheep, stood a whole bunch of people in all of their finery.  Three men and very nice suits and a celebrant in sensible yet trendy shoes. We continued our walk, gossiping shamelessly about how much the whole hoo ha of an event would cost and how it could be possible to spend that much money on a single day.

As we turned right, instead of left, the limo arrived.  The bridesmaids stepped out and so did a bride.  Covered shoulders in ivory lace and hair in a perfect french roll.  But apart from that, irrespective of her beautiful dress and expensive wedding, the crux of our conversation moved to the people at the wedding.

Nobody is sad at a wedding.  The amount of money you spend and where you have it is irrelevant.  The thing that is always the same is that the two people getting married are happy.  The happiness that they share is then spread like a virus through your loved ones.  It’s something worth catching and definitely something worth spreading – not only to your loved ones but those on the footpath basking in your happiness.

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