The Big Kahuna

As a wedding celebrant there’s always the big Kahuna.  Well usually there’s more than one, there’s a list, but the big Kahuna of venues that you hope and pray that one day someone will let you marry them there.

Maleny Manor is on my list.  While my Big Kahuna is an outdoor dream venue that actually doesn’t it exist, I live in hope that some amazing couples will tick off my list and help me reduce that list to one.

This week I did my first wedding at Maleny Manor.  From the moment you hit that sweeping driveway and hit that hair pin turn you almost forget you’re in control of a vehicle as the view across the mountain valley opens in front of you.

The open air gazebo makes you feel like you’ve put yourself in the mouth of the valley and the view is almost enough to distract you from why you’re really here. Almost.  Maleny Manor is beautiful.  The staff, some of the friendliest I’ve encountered and just being there  amongst the green made this one of the most beautiful and relaxed venues I’ve ever seen.

While waiting for Kellie to arrive, I mingled and chatted with guests, found myself staring at the greenery and generally doing all I could to soak up the atmosphere.  Then Kellie arrived.  Kellie and Dave’s love story is one of those really revolting ones that makes you feel a little bit sick on the inside.  And then you meet them.  And then you realise that they are the quite the loveliest people in the whole world and you have no choice but to like them.  They are those kind of people.

The wedding underway, there is nothing else to focus on than the people in front of you.  Kellie and Dave, their attendants and their friends and families.  The view disappears and the wedding becomes about the people.  About making sure the expressions on faces are all based in happiness, that all we can all feel is the love that is shared by these families.

At the end of that wedding, there are only two things that I walked away with.  That breathtaking first view of that valley and the warm gushy feeling that comes from really being part of something that is so much bigger than I am.  That view will be a hard one to beat, but that feeling, it can never be beaten.

Kellie and Dave were married at Maleny Manor in Maleny.  Photographer was Matt Rowe Photography.  Check out their instagram for more pictures of Kellie and Dave’s big day.  And thanks again guys.  It was an absolute honour to be part of your big day!

I found you!

Since becoming a celebrant you notice different things. I’ve never been predisposed to mushiness but more in awe of the romanticism of it all. The idea of weddings are beautiful – and as a celebrant, I get to revel in them without the fear and worry of what they cost, if Aunty June will mind being near Cousin Bertha or the messiness that is leaving wet towels on the floor or washing someone else’s socks.

While I’m not adverse to wet towels or washing socks the pressure of having to do that day after day scares me a little bit but I can’t see how I will ever get sick of watching people tell their world those three simple words. ‘I found you!’

It’s not ‘I love you.’ I love a lot of people but what we truly search for is that other person who is your person. The one that you want to wash socks for and history would have it they are generally not the people you’d think they were. You find them in the most mysterious of places. At work, behind sheds, in bars, on ferris wheels, in bad profile photos with dogs, the options are endless but at the end of the day – once you’ve done the hard work and before you’ve started the real work, you get one day. One day when you get to tell your world that ‘I chose you.’

Even in the middle of Vietnam on a Thursday, in a red dress, the look of a wedding day is still the same. You can tell them that you love them everyday for the rest of your life but you should be telling everyone else ‘I found them.’ That’s the true miracle of a wedding.


I married a friend this week.

It happened.  This week I married one of my oldest friends.  She’d kill me if she knew I said she was old but you know what I mean.  She’s been my friend for eons.  She knew me before I was a grown up and encouraged me to be a better human more than once in our lives.  On Sunday the 12th of April, I married her to the person that makes her a better human everyday.

I met Sarah years ago in a small country town as we both paid or penance in our former years of teaching.  We both had the hidden agenda of finding husbands or at least fill in husbands to while away the hours of country living.  I was not so lucky.  Instead, I found Sarah.  Sarah and a few others to while away the time but she has been a keeper.

Now living miles apart, our drinking escapades (well mine) have ended and we now see each other over craft fairs and shopping trips but we still maintained the idle chit chat that comes with finding our own fairytales.  Sarah found the beginning of hers in our country town and she vows that mine is just around the corner.  But in her fairytale, I get to be the fairy godmother.  I got to be the one person who could join her and her prince charming and I got to say ‘…and she lived happily ever after.’

Congratulations Sarah and Nathan!

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We’ve got a booking form!

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Like the title says – we’ve got a booking form!  If you’ve got a date and you want me to save it you have to send me a booking form.  Complete with a date and a location for your ceremony.  (At least the general vicinity you would like to have your ceremony in!)  Once your deposit is paid consider your wedding booked and confirmed.

Make sure you include your contact details in an email to me and then we can arrange a date for a chat, a cup of coffee (or a wine) and plan your ceremony (and fill in the necessary forms).  Click on the link in this post to preview our booking-form.

Happy wedding planning!