Rob and Jenny

My last two weddings have been for strangers.  These couples I had not met before their first text message asking me for my services.  Like all times, meeting new people can often be awkward and a little nerve racking and when you’ve only communicated with people via phone, meeting face to face brings a whole plethora of new anxieties.  I am a wedding celebrant and meet new people all of the time but the anxiety attached to meeting brand new couples face to face doesn’t go away even when you do it all of the time.

I had only spoken to Jenny on the phone.  We had texted and talked but not actually met in person.  Breaking the ice with your celebrant is by far the most important thing you can do.  Once we both moved past the apprehension of first time meetings and hellos our relationship and their wedding took on a totally different feel.

The white gazebo of I do’s

From the moment I met Jenny and Rob, they welcomed me into their home with a cup of tea and their middle child crawled onto my lap to say hello and we drew while we talked. From the first four seconds of spending time in their presence, they were no longer strangers but people I shared tea with and people I talked to about the everyday goings on of life.

When four months later I stood with Rob under a beautifully white decorated gazebo, I was not at his wedding as a stranger.  I was at his wedding as someone he knew.  We had laughed together, shared cups of tea and talked about Jenny’s ongoing DIY projects long before the day they would both say ‘I do’ and now this wedding was about all of us.  The guests, the family, the lady from next door who rushed down a bouquet or some other forgotten necessity and me.  I was personally invested in making sure this day went perfectly and watching Jenny walk towards us, I was genuinely happy to see her and Rob so happy at the thought of what comes next.

At the end of their ceremony my cheeks were so sore from smiling and my happiness so severe that it took a lot out of me.  Giving Jenny and Rob a great big hug as Mr and Mrs Watts was truly a moment of happiness and joy that they let me share with them.  Jenny and Rob, it was a privlege and an honour to spend the day with you and I thank your beautiful friends family for making me feel so included in your special day.  (Someone needs to share that punch recipe immediately and tell that lady she needs to start selling her cupcakes!)  Rob and Jenny I can’t wait to see a photo or two of your day!


When she’s all grown up

Getting married young is not so common anymore. If your relationship is ready and you are then sometimes knowing is more than enough.

My baby cousin, (the second littlest) is getting married!  It’s an exciting time for all of us when someone you love is going to tie the knot and it’s twice as special when you love them like a sister.  Girls in our family are a rare species.  I grew up with a broomstick and a purple mask being a Ninja Turtle in the backyard.  (Of course my mask was purple – I was a girl and I certainly wasn’t allowed to have a cool weapon.)  When my cousin was born when I was twelve I thought all of my dreams had come it once.  She was mine!  I was going to get this one.  She would watch Disney Princess movies with me, we would dance and sing and I would cover her in make up.  The fact that she was just as comfortable outside with the slingshots, motorbikes and sandpits is irrelevant.   There was another girl and she was on my side.

Just last month, she sent me a picture of a diamond and it was on her left hand.  She is young, twelve years younger than me, and my left hand is decidedly naked of adornments.  On a bad day, it could have hurt a little but it didn’t and this was my little girl.  She’s been a grown up since the day I let her dance to Sweet Transvestite so many years before she should have.  She’s been a grown up since the first time she had to pick me up from an unspecified location in the city.  She’s been a grown up since I treated her like one when she was still a tween.

Her other half is gem.  He’s been part of our family since his mid teens and it’s hard to imagine life without them together.  Unlike many couples I know batting twice their age brackets they have this weird ability to complement each other.  He knows when to ignore her tantrums (she gets that from me) and she knows when it’s best not to ask.  I look at them and hope to high heaven that at some point in my life I will find myself in a relationship that as just as grown up as theirs.  So in September… of next year… I will marry them.  I will be the one that gets to say ‘husband and wife’ and start her next journey into a grown up world she belongs in.  I’ll just stand and wave from the edge and hope that if I still ask nicely enough she’ll pick me up when I can’t find my cab money home.

I am not the grown up (the one on the right)
I am not the grown up (the one on the right)
They go alright...
They go alright…
Decorations from Event Illusions Toowoomba
Decorations from Event Illusions Toowoomba